Monday, November 12, 2012

Bless Your Heart Arizona

My year of travel adventures continued this past weekend in Arizona.  Rich joined me to visit a bunch of our Burning Man friends. MoMo and Ian hosted us at their house.

You know the laddering game? It’s a common exercise in the world of marketing in order to discover emotional connections between a brand and consumers.  You are asking yourself why I have disconnected from the first paragraph, aren’t you?  You are wondering why I started on a trip to Arizona and now I’m on marketing? Well, that is a clown question, bro.  Hang with me and it will all make sense.

What does McDonald’s sell? If you said hamburgers, you lose.  Burger King sells burgers (charbroiled) and that’s one reason why they will forever remain in second place.  McDonalds sells quick service that is friendly and affordable.  Duh. 

How bout’ Coca-Cola? What does Coke sell – soda (or are you a pop person)? Wrong.  Pepsi sells better tasting cola (they have the taste tests to prove it) but Coke sells smiles.  Happiness wins again.

One more? Okay, you know the Michelin commercials that had a baby in the tires? That’s a setup for you – what are they selling? Good tires with the best tread? Why is that important?  So you won’t crash?  Why is that important? So nobody gets hurt? Why is that an important? Because you have kids?  Hello baby in all their tire ads. Michelin isn’t selling tires.  They are selling safety.

So I went to Arizona with Rich to see MoMo, Ian, and our other Burning Man friends. 

We ate and drank all over Scottsdale.  We had the best Thai food I’ve ever had.  We had cocktails at awesome dive bars (Coach House and Tally Ho) and fantastic trendy bars (Kelleys and R&R’s).  We had huge yummy breakfasts (Orange Table and Daily Dose). We even catered to my perversion for midgets by going to Gilligans.  

And we had an awesome time with the Obscene T-Shirt party at MoMo and Ian’s house.

We jumped in strangers’ pictures. We made friends.  We spun drink wheels and downed something called White Hot Load. 

We made fun of people and hall-passed ourselves by saying “Bless their heart.”  We went on a hike through the wildernesses of cactuses (cacti? – spellcheck likes them both) and Costco (MoMo is not afraid to aggressively steer a cart through a traffic jam of senior citizens).  

We sang Don’t Stop Believing. I use the word 'sang' very loosely.  

We tried to get a word in when MoMo wasn't talking. We ate the world’s largest pizza and went to a party that had as many dogs in it as people.  

We saw a fat necked broad shouldered giant breasted woman with skinny chicken legs get served by a waitress that couldn’t remember to bring us our food which might be good since we saw her fluff calamari with her bare hands on the way out of the kitchen.

We had fun.  So much fun. I travel a lot because I like fun.  Who doesn’t?  But I can find fun close to home.  Let’s play the laddering game again.

Why did I go to Arizona? I went to Arizona to see our Burning Man friends. 

It was another good bonding trip with my buddy Rich.  

It was good to get to know Ian better.  

It was good to have a visual of everything for when I talk to MoMo now – I know her world better.  I had great conversation and silly laughs.  I had fabulous food and plenty of cocktails.  I met new people.  All fun. But really, Arizona was about strengthening an already solid friendship. 

Haha, okay fine, my relationship with the hot Asian Little Person cost me a tip and isn't really all that solid.  Let's get back on track.

I have always felt close to MoMo.  I ‘met’ her years ago in the blogging world and we never met in person until not too long ago.  That seems so weird, I know. Thank goodness we both like to write, even if I’m the funny one and she’s the heart and soul dump.  At least she is funny outside of blogland.  Writing brought us together.

I have lots of great friends.  I cherish the unique bond I have with each of them.  People connect on all kinds of different levels.  I like my connection with MoMo.   It is special because MoMo is special.  So thank you MoMo.  You always tell me how lucky I am to know you and how great it is for me to get to spend some time with you.  Well, you are right.

Midgets, food, drinks, cactus hikes, Costco cart wars, obscene t-shirt parties and traveling all make me happy. But the best part of the trip is the meaningful happiness I get from having MoMo as my friend.


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  2. Even in that picture, you can tell I was talking. MeMe the MoMo!

    Sers' -I had a great time, and I knew you kept the money I gave you for your 10 minute ride to the airport. PLEASE use it for singing lessons.

    What a divine hike that was after eating 5 times a day and over consuming alcohol and carbs. And talking about that big upper body beauty.

    But one thing is for sure, I am glad you are not a T-rex style kinda guy, because you give the best hugs. And I have a tee-shirt to wear to Spring Training games when you come out again. Take that, in your face.

    Bless your heart for putting up with me.

    (PS: I had to delete and fix all my typos)

    1. Yes, this version of your nonsense is much cleaner, even if it refers to naughty t-shirts and in your face!

      Thanks again for everything. We had a blast. Stay gold ponyboy!

  3. I really envy you getting to meet your new friends again and hang out. And I envy you getting to hang out with Momo again. Your blog keeps reminding me just had badly my own life sucks. Thanks for that.

    1. Bless your heart (you had to be there). Dude, get off your Memphis ass then and make something happen!

  4. Aw, you sentimental old so-and-so. If you ever come to Detroit, come see me and Phred.

    MySpace Forever!


    1. As much of a train wreck MySpace turned out to be, it sure changed my life for the better. With lifelong friends that I met in real life like MoMo, Kimmie, Deb and Jess - it was worth every psycho moment! Its fun to meet bloggers - I hope we do connect in person some day - but maybe you guys should come to Colorado! :-)

  5. After listening to and watching that video, all I can say is, don't give up your day job!

  6. Without seeing the top of the box- the size of the pizza looks like it is from Venezia's. Good stuff. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  7. You know I gotta say kudos to your "Support Single Moms" t-shirt.

    Great post.

    I smell romance... which makes me super stoked.

    I've met amazing friends through blogs. And my last BF was through the blog world - we lived together three years, and although we didn't work out at a couple, we remain, and will forever be amazing friends.


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