Monday, July 11, 2011

Do I Need to Wear Protective Headgear to Concerts?

Grace Potter is a wildly talented freak! I saw half of her opening act at Red Rocks on Saturday night. We were way too far up to really enjoy it and feel the vibe. So on a whim, I crashed my friend’s night out on Sunday at the Ogden. Grace was the headliner and the Ogden is a very small venue. To be exact, the Ogden has a capacity of 1300.

For some reason, I was asked twice in like twenty minutes how many people the place holds. I may be an idiot, but I’m no savant. Apparently the nearly two hours of standing around waiting for the show to start leads to small talk and recognizing the inner Rainman of others.

I suggested since all five of us have smartphones, why don’t we ask The Google? So me and the step sister that I’ve been assured is not dating her step brother even though they looked like a cute couple and apparently she is broken up with a very large man (not her stepbrother) that showed up and stood in our group taking up the space of at least four teenage Grace Potter groupies in order to stand next to said stepsister and holy shit I just read this sentence four times and I’m not sure I am following myself so let me try again by saying there was a couple that looked like they really dug each other but apparently they are stepbrother and stepsister and then the stepsister’s humongous ex boyfriend showed up and it was all around an interesting dynamic. What? I dunno, let’s move on.

So this gal and me had a Google race to find out how many people the Ogden holds. I put in “Ogden Denver capacity.” A couple seconds later I got a list with the second one showing 1300 in the summary. The other gal had just finished typing her inquiry and had just hit send. I wondered what took so long so I asked to see what she put in the search. It was something along the lines of, “I would like to know how many people can attend a concert at the Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado, United States of America.” I thought that was damn funny how thorough she was trying to be.

Finally the concert started and I’ll tell you what, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals know how to jam. Listening to their music on the ipod and/or radio is great, but does not do justice to the long and building riffs that eventually end up being a mad fast paced loud symphony of freaking awesome rock. There is even one song where Grace and the other three guitar players grab sticks and all play the drums at once with the drummer. It is really cool. I highly recommend anyone see these guys in concert at a small venue. I’m betting they won’t be so accessible much longer.

At the end of the concert, they threw some picks out and a couple sets of drumsticks. One of the sticks was tossed our way and bounced off of at least two pairs of hands and grazed the head of the large large large man that used to date the stepsister that is allegedly not dating her stepbrother, and ended up right in my hands. All those years of catching flies with chopsticks paid off for me.

I don’t know why rock stars keep throwing all their shit at me. I saw Sheryl Crow in Vegas about a year ago and she threw two guitar picks at me. I may have been a little buzzed and too busy making sexy times eye contact with her to actually catch either pick, but they both bounced right off me. And now a drumstick. The shit is getting bigger. Kind of reminds me of the St. Patty’s Day parade in New Orleans last year when they threw cabbages off buses at people, hitting some in the side of the head. It was painfully funny. I gotta keep my head up at concerts.

I think Sheryl Crow and Grace Potter are vying for my attention. They seem to think I’ll just come back stage and let them have their way with me.

They are totally right.


  1. I confess I'm so old I have absolutely no idea of whom you are speaking!

  2. Some bands are always better live than on record, and I can totally see Grace Potter & the Nocturnals being one of them. I imagine a live setting would be the only time I could handle that stupid "Ooh La La" song.

    By the way, I've always wanted to go to Red Rocks, ever since I first saw that "Sunday Bloody Sunday" video. :)

  3. I love getting lost in your nonsensical sentences. Wondering if you actually posted that at the concert after hours subjected to that funny-smelling stuff wafting thru the air.

  4. I love me some Grace Potter! Good on you for catching the flying love she sent your way. Even girl rock stars need groupies... have at it!

  5. @eva: I think she is 27 or 28 years old. And I predict she will be a household name in the next five years.

    @beckeye: Didn't you have a Grace Potter song on one of your lists of best songs? I think you did. Yeah, funny how the mainstream radio songs are often not all that representative of a band's work. I couldn't believe how rockin they got and Grace is a total spazz on stage dancing non stop, permanent smile on her face and great pipes.

    Red Rocks is worth a special trip. It is a powerful place. Combine that with music you love and there is nothing quite like it.

    @dinamo: Yeah, I've never smoked a thing in my life, but between the concerts I went to Sat and Sun nights, could I have had a contact buzz?

    @randomgirl: It's tough to get that invite backstage when these hot singers are dating or married to other band members. Grace-drummer and Sheryl-guitar guy. :(

  6. Sounds like an awesome time! Funny, as usual. Nice stick, btw.

  7. I love it! I'm still laughing after reading your re-cap of our concert going companions. And I'm glad you "crashed" my Sunday night plan. Much more fun with you there :-)

  8. Yep, "Tiny Light" was on my best songs of 2010 list.

  9. Ha, I am one of the people who gets hit by a cabbage every year at St. Pat's. This year I was out of town, but if I had gone I was going to borrow my neighbor's construction helmet.

    People need to realize throwing their undergarments causes far much less injury.

  10. @fromthebungalow: That's what she said. I had to take that one.

    @jolene: Yep, that was a blast. I'm glad it worked out so well.

    @beckeye: Good call.

    @starkicker: You are just trying to justify your current behavior. I love your city. I've blogged about it a few times. Jacque'imos, DBA and Frenchman Street, Magazine Street, the freaky people, bike rides to grave yards and along the cable car tracks, the food, the music, the debauchery. My kind of town!

  11. Greace Potter at Red Rock, huh? And you're not going to mention The Avett Brothers?? I hear they were amazing ~ as usual.

  12. Girls throw things at boys they like. And kick them and punch them. It's playground seduction. Or do some women progress beyond those moves?

  13. Hee, well shameless self-plug, but you would probably enjoy this post seeing as you might've been at one of the parades I reference.

    As a prologue, I would like to say I have really experienced a lot of emotional growth since writing it. For the record.

    Glad you love my town, though. Next time come for the Running of the Bulls!

  14. Lol! At least you end up with cool souvenirs, right?

    Sounds like an awesome concert.

  15. You have awesome taste in music.

  16. @SeaD: You are right, I didn't mention them. I thought I did. But that was over on another blog. I did like AB, but I was there for GP. Anyone at Red Rocks is usually awesome.

    @mandy: And we pull hair.

    @starkicker: That was very funny. I commented over there. Next time I'm in town, I'll throw fresh produce at people with you.

    @mamaspaghetti: I let my buddy take Sheryl Crow's pick home to his daughter. But both concerts were great, especially to be that close.

    @moi: I think I have a diverse interest. Except you can pretty much strike rap, hip hop and country. I can do without those. When I lived in Chicago, one of my favorite ventures out was to any local dive for live blues music.

  17. If I was a man I'd make my move...


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